I am thinking I may leave Sunday afternoon so I can get a bit of a jump on the heat of the ride to Durango. Possibly stay in Greer, or Alpine and then have a nice 5 hour ride into Durango on Monday.

Or I may stay and just leave really early on Monday, and tough it out. That’s a 450+ mile ride on the first day out. Through 100+ degree deserts north of Gallup.

We’ll see. Probably make that decision come Sunday morning.

Next Saturday is my ‘send-off’ party although there won’t be that many people in attendance. That’s OK, we will have a good time and have BBQ Ribs.


The route home as it is planned at this moment will be to travel from Whistler east and cross in the US in the mountains of Washington. Then go west again to Everett, WA to hang out with my bud Bret for a day – working on his portfolio and marketing kit – and then begin leg 4 of the journey.

Whidby Island to Port Townsend, Washington.

Highway 101 through the Olympia forest to Astoria, OR, then down the coast of Oregon and CA to Eureka. From Eureka over to Reno.

Then Reno to Ely, NV, on the Lincoln Highway before heading south to Bryce Canyon. Bryce to Flagstaff, and then home.

That’s an adventure in itself.

The only thing that can put a damper on that is rain. The Olympic Peninsula is known for rain, and the last time I was there it poured buckets for over 30 hours straight. If that is happening, I will have to forgo that part of the journey and head west to Astoria, OR to hit the coast of Oregon.

The goal is to stay under the 90’s temp wise for as long as we can.

Not sure that will happen, but we can give it a hell of a shot.

Bike packing went really well. I will photograph the bike on Sunday with all the gear I am taking on board, then break it out for an item-by-item description.

OK – it’s getting really real now.

(Photograph by Dennis Mong)