August 1 is only four months out.

That’s not that long.

When I had the idea of going to Alaska on a motorcycle, I can admit to not really thinking it all the way through. Yeah, I’ve been known to do that.

I will need to camp in order to make it cost efficient. Hotels are damned expensive up there in August, and I don’t want to spend a fortune on a bed to sleep in.

So I got a bunch of great camping gear. And I still have not been able to use it yet. Hoping to very soon. Perhaps up to Prescott, or over to the New Mexico border. Just to try the experience out.

Now, I admit that I do like the thought of camping, so I am predisposed to liking it. But that is not the same as doing it.


The bike is getting pretty full of stuff, but I have left the left side bag open for additional small trail camping things. Stuff I probably would not need to access on the side of the road (since that would put me on the traffic side of the bike). I am going to pack all my clothes and personal items in a bright, large, backpack and strap it down on the rack behind the drivers saddle.

This will make it:

a; easier to get to,
b; a pain in the ass to mount and dismount the bike. I will not be able to throw my leg back, but will instead have to stand and side-dismount with a straight or semi straight right leg.

I worry about knocking the bike over and getting caught under it. It is heavy as it is, and loading it down with camping and camera equipment will only make it heavier. Argh!

I have decided on three shirts, and two pairs of jeans. for the trip. Additional things like long underwear for unexpected cold, weather jacket and pants for rain, and a warm jacket that can go under my riding jacket should all fit well. One pair of boots for the trip – steel toe.

Yes, I will get to know the laundromats of BC and the Yukon quite well.


Staying on top of it. Walking every day to increase circulation. Hiking three times a week to build stamina. The leg seems to be getting better, but very slowly. Slow is better than not, so I’m good with it.


Some days I wonder what the hell got into me to decide to do this thing. It is not like I have a month to take off from my business. I am not rolling in dough, and there are considerations like bike maintenance that could put me in a negative spot if I am not lucky/skilled.

I worry about what I need to have before August 1. A new, wider seat so my legs don’t go to sleep. New tires. A complete maintenance check of the bike. Not inexpensive.

Putting a little bit into it each month, and I should be alright. But I do worry a bit.

I will be off the grid for nearly 5 weeks. No clients, no work product… just me and a motorcycle. And the world.

Technology will keep me in touch. But the reality is that I will be 4000 miles away… a longass way.

Now I know I am not riding around the world, or going to Alaska on a Yamaha 250 or something like that. But it is something that I think will be quite an adventure. And while many have done it before, I haven’t. So it will be new and exciting for me.


I am going to offer a book for sale to help me get a few sheckles before the trip. I want it to be a collectors item, and it will be printed super nice by First Edition. I am planning for only 100 books to be printed* in a single edition, with an additional 10 artist/family proofs. Eighty photographs, and some text to discuss the highlights of the journey. One hundred pages. Each book will be numbered, personalized to the owner, and signed by hand. The images in it will not be printed again anywhere, and the book will only be available in pre-order.

An additional upgrade will be offered for $50. Two 8x12 Giclee photographs included with the book. These images will be in an edition of how many are ordered plus 5 artists proof. Those images will also be retired from sale.

More on the books coming soon, as well as how you can order one.


Along the way I will be keeping in touch with various methods:

My Instagram @wizwow will be hugely active. Lots of stuff there, some of it exclusive to Instagram

Snapchat: don-giannatti¬†– I will Snapchat each day at least twice per day. Where I am, where I am going. Wildlife, rivers, mountains, food… heh. Stay engaged with that for fun.Facebook will be more for family and friends, although the Project 52 members will have a chance to join in a few webinars when I can set it up.

Facebook will be more for family and friends, although the Project 52 members will have a chance to join in a few webinars when I can set it up.

This website: Here I will post a daily recap, some images from the day, travel notes, and more. And I look forward to those updates. I will be adding Youtube videos too if I have the bandwidth.


For being interested enough to follow along here. Not the biggest audience in the blogosphere, but I prefer engagement over numbers any day.

Join me on Snapchat and share your rides, ideas, camping spots… or anything else you got to share. Especially if you have been to Canada on a bike before. Love to listen to those who have done it before.

— April 2, 2016