Highway 93 from Salmon to Eureka, MT was spectacular. High mountains, rivers, forests, and prairies were barely visible, however. The smoke was simply too thick to see through, and photographs of anything more than a half mile away were almost indistinguishable.

I decided to just ride.

There were some small towns with a real gritty feeling to them, and I enjoyed getting off the bike for a few minutes every hour or so.

Toward the end of the day I smelled like smoke, and I needed a shower.

The campground had a very nice shower facility and I was ready to pack it in for the night when I made a very scary discovery.

Somehow in the past two days, my rear tire had worn to nearly no tread. My mechanic had assured me that the tire had a good 4K left on it, and I had just ridden 1,300 miles. And I was in the middle of nowhere in need of a motorcycle shop. It was time to re-examine my route and find out what I could do about this challenge.

This would require a change of itinerary.