Let me start by saying that was too far for the first day. I should have stopped in Kanab.

I got to Panguitch just in time to pitch a camp and hit the rack.

Phoenix was hot even in the earliest hours of daylight. But by the time I got to Sunflower on 87, it began to cool.

Payson was cool enough for the jacket and as I made my way up the hill toward Strawberry and Pine, the air began to smell like a primeval forest. I was chasing rain.

I have seen this forest when it was dry and brown, but today it was lush green. Colorado spring green. And the fragrance of the fresh rain on the trees just added to the effect.

Mormon Lake had water in it. Woohoo… it has been dry every time I have ever visited. The plains and meadows south of Flagstaff were lush, colorful and cool.

It began to rain when I got to Lake Mary, and it rained until I left Flagstaff on 89 going north.

This is my favorite area in the state. Navajo land. Hopi too in the distance.

Rocks, canyons with no names, massive cliffs and the edge of the Colorado Plateau. Spectacular beauty every way you turn.

Rain was no chasing me and I could see the showers moving slowly across the canyons and crags of the Grand Canyon. I made it to Jacob Lake when the storm ambushed me coming down the hill toward Fredonia.

At this point it began to dawn on me that Panguitch was an hour too far, and I had no time to stop in Kanab for dinner or anything… but gas.

Traveling on a motorcycle means getting to know a lot more gas stations than when in a car. My car can go to LA from my house on one tank of gas. My motorcycle is four stops… heh.

Panguitch was beautiful and cool. Camp went up fast and I then decided to search for a restaurant.

Sunday in Panguitch means no restaurants are open. I did find a gas station with a Subway inside.

It was getting dark by the time I returned so I ate and went to bed in the tent.

I couldn’t sleep very well… too many things on my mind. But I guess I got enough to be refreshed when I hit the road at about 7:30 Monday morning.

Today I was going to head to Alpine, Montana.