High prarie motorcycling… long, lonely roads, and not many towns.

I did ride over a pass or two, giving me a few twisties to ride. The air is still clear here in Wyoming and after crossing into Idaho, the heat becomes an issue. 95 degrees in Idaho Falls.

I headed out a long, straight piece of road toward Salmon, UT. In the distance, it looked like thunderstorms even though the weather app didn’t show any mention of them.

Once I got closer it became obvious that it was smoke… lots of smoke. Smoke and low clouds hid all the features of the mountains. And that particular piece of road looked so interesting as it meandered up a long valley with mountains on either side.

The heat subsided for a while and it was very pleasant. I saw no traffic at all.

Salmon, Idaho sits atop the Salmon River and has a very quaint and old downtown area of about 8 blocks.

I found my hotel and immediately showered off the road before heading out to meet the neighbors.

Three guys heading up into the hills for their annual camping expedition and a younger couple on a bike making their way to Glacier and Yellowstone.

We chatted a while and then called it a night when it got dark… and that was nearly 9 PM.

I repacked all I could that evening so I could get out of the heat of Salmon and into the mountains to follow.