I packed up at first light.

Checking the map for the evening destination it didn’t seem all that far away. I had chosen a route that was mostly two lane blacktop and with speeds averaging 50mph, I figured I could reach Alpine Wyoming with enough time to set up camp and get some rest.

I was wrong.

Thunderstorms meant a route change and even though the roads had high speed limits, I was unable to get even close to Alpine for the end of the day.

I stopped in Evanston, WY for dinner and found a cheap motel.

Evanston is a quiet little town in the high desert, and I had time to wander around the town a bit before it got too dark.

I am beginning to not trust Google Maps for giving me accurate times of the journey sections.

Things I loved: Rt 89 from Panguitch to Provo is stunning. Utah continues to impress me with the incredible landscape all around.

Provo Canyon was spectacular. I wished I could stop and meet some of the people playing in the river, but I was being chased by bad weather and I didn’t want to ride in the rain if possible.

Early to bed in Evanston.

Early out the next morning.