Decision on Top of the World Portion of the Alaska Highway

Hardpacked gravel should make me a better rider... right?

And it is a go.

As you can see from the map, committing to the road happens all the way back in Whitehorse and it is about 2 full days to Dawson City. Changing my mind at that point would mean backtracking 2 full days. (OK, in that incredible landscape, that wouldn’t be the end of the world… still…)

Looks like gravel and hardpack, so I am going to need to practice a lot. Looking for roads around the Phoenix area that will be similar so I can get some practice in.

Tried the Apache Trail a few weeks ago… nooo, that didn’t work at all. It was extremely sandy and was not hardpacked at all. I ended up in the opposite lane in about 50 yards. OOPS.

This will be a serious commitment that has to be fully understood. Once we reach Dawson City, there is no turning back. The road is mostly gravel on the Yukon side, and mostly paved on the Alaska side, but there are still large gaps of gravel.

I watched a video on Youtube about four people on big cruisers (Harleys and Victorys) and they made it through. So I am going to definitely make it through as well. This will be a once in a lifetime event for me, so I will take it slowly, and see it through.

Looking forward to Chicken, Alaska, where the road begins to have full pavement. 105 miles of gravel, construction, potholes, and wildlife. When we are in the Yukon, we are definitely PART of the food chain.

Now to hope for little to no rain… that road looks like it would be crazy in the rain.

Here is the journey. Up to Tok in red, the home trip from Tok in blue.

Top of the World Hwy