The high plains of New Mexico can get really cold

My good friend Dennis Mong decided to move back to Ohio to pursue his dream of photography in a new, more vibrant area. I decided to see him and his son off with a ride along with them as they left Arizona and began the journey back to where his wife and daughter were waiting.

We decided to drive through the White Mountains, up the 60, through Pie Town and get to the Very Large Array outside of Magdalena, NM for the night. Next morning I would leave to head back to Phoenix.

Three things I discovered on this ride:

  1. My gloves are great for riding when it is fairly nice, or just cool – but when it got cold in New Mexico, they didn’t do the job very well at all. Need new gloves for colder mornings in the Yukon and Alaska.
  2. Very happy I have a windshield – especially after driving right through a swarm of bees on the 60 above Globe, AZ. I was doing about 60 when all of a sudden it felt like rocks or hail hitting the bike. Caught one on the glove and it hurt. I really didn’t see anything it happened so fast. When we got to the rest stop at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon, we found a tiny deceased bee on my passenger backrest. Dennis had to clean his windshield off there were so many of them.
  3. Need more practice turning around. I had to turn around three times and each time I was totally psyching myself out with the fear of dropping the motorcycle. That sucks. Must get in a lot more practice.

We were pretty pressed for time, so I didn’t get as much photography done. I also had a sort of epiphany about what has been blocking my photography lately, and that knowledge is transferring into a new sort of excitement about the medium. Again.

Here is the shot I did of Dennis and his son, Tyler, on a very cold morning at the VLA , New Mexico.

Ten minutes later I saw them off as they turned East on the 60, and I turned West.

Hasta la vista, buddy.