A bud sent me the info about Mallories trip to Alaska, and her ongoing trip all around the US. It is a wonderful little travelog with fun, personal writing and a glimpse into an adventure most of us will unfortunately never experience.

“I’ve been called “an energetic, positive force,” “a strategic thinker you want on your team” and, my all time favorite, a “bright, happy rainbow.”

Right now I’m traveling across all of North America on a motorcycle-sidecar with my bestie #BaylortheDog. Collecting images and stories from the road. Proving that you don’t have to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams.

The Operation Moto Dog Travelogue has quickly grown from 1 reader (thanks, Mom!) to more than 50,000 OMD fans in just months. It’s been incredibly humbling and inspiring.

From Iraq to the Netherlands to Chile and across the USA and Canada, Operation Moto Dog has fans across the globe.”

Visit Mallory’s website here.

And follow the travels here.