Yes, I want to sell you a book.

When I decided to make this journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Fairbanks, Alaska I didn’t even have a motorcycle license or even a motorcycle. In fact, I hadn’t ridden since the early 80’s.

But I knew it was something that I wanted to embrace… the wind, the road, and the experience of being alone on two lanes in a part of the world that is still considered wild.

I don’t know if it was the health scare I had recently dodged or the fact that a lot of people my age were simply passing on to other planes of existence, I just knew I needed to do something big.

Now to be sure, I am not whining about getting old, and I don’t really consider myself all that old. Not even close. But time has an interesting way of moving faster when you reach the other side of 50. And I want to spend some time in the wild.


I am selling one hundred of these books to those of you who would like to sponsor my trip. They will be printed by Edition One Books (one of the best short run printers I know of) and will be signed and numbered per the edition of 105 (5 artists proofs for family).

They will not be offered for sale again, although a PDF will be available to anyone who wants it.

The book will be 100 pages, with 80 images and 20 pages of text. It will be hardcover, and book bound.

A collector’s book for sure.

The book will be designed and printed for late November, early December 2016 shipping so you may consider it as a very unique, and special Christmas present. I will personally add any special note you may wish if it is a gift.

Price of book includes shipping: $100. Additional prints are available at time of book purchase.

The idea to make this ride came about as I was writing an article on doing something interesting instead of just talking about it. And while I have a pretty interesting life being a photographer, writer, and educator, I figured a little motorcycle adventure should fit right in.

I have had a wide range of emotions about making this trip. From wondering what the hell I was thinking to barely containing my enthusiasm to get on the road.

A few people have said they will join me on the trip, and I hope they do. But if it is just me alone, I am fine with it.

I will be documenting the trip from the view of a motorcyclist. Out there IN nature, in the wind, rain, sun and whatever else the long, lonely highway throws my way. Photographs of the land, people, environments and structures that make up the ride from a hot desert town, to one of the most northern American cities.

The book will contain 80 of my images from this ride. Many of them will only be seen within the confines of this book, and some will most likely find themselves in my portfolio.

If you would like to know more about why I decided to do this trip, please go to the first blog posts and read forward.

I hope you help me get this trip funded by purchasing a copy of the book. It will certainly be something fairly rare on your coffee table or bookshelf.

— Don

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(includes shipping domestic US)
($16 flat rate shipping, international)

Purchase the Book and two custom prints.


(includes shipping domestic US)
($16 flat rate shipping, international)