A got a great deal on a 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 totally outfitted for long motorcycle trips. With only 20,000 miles and an owner that was as fastidious about this bike as anyone could be, it seems to be the perfect riding machine for me.

With the nerve damage in my feet, I wanted floorboards and heel/toe shifting. The seat is wide and comfortable and the tank holds 5+ gallons that should give me about 200 miles range. Cutting it close on a few stops along the ALCAN, but I will have an extra gallon for emergencies (and sharing with other bikers who may not have planned as well).

More to come on the bike as I get used to it and get it out to some great shooting scenarios.


I love this motorcycle. Super easy on the road and an awesome cruiser on the highways when needed. Yes, it is heavy, but that helps when the wind is blowing cross wise, and trucks are passing in the oncoming lane… whew… that’s an E-Ticket!