I have not been talking about this much because – well – talked it to death last time and then it fell apart four days in.

That won’t happen this time.

My back is in good shape – better than it has been in 6 years.
My leg no longer bothers me when I walk and it is stronger than it has been since I wrecked it 6 years ago.

My spirits are high.

My expectations are much lower and more realistic. I have made no plans other than the first evening camping spot.

Phoenix to Panguitch, UT.

That’s 450 miles and I am getting an early start. I will have some weather to ride through going north, but nothing too bad on the radar.

I plan on taking some photos along the way so I am guessing more like 10 – 11 hours for the trip – not all on the bike of course.

The second day I would like to do about the same mileage which should put me just west of Idaho Falls. Camp grounds may be tough to find so if they are getting full, I may pull up short a bit in order to get a space.

My goal is to do some 400 – 450 mile days in the beginning in order to have some 300 mile days in the Rockies and Yukon.

Prospected second day.

More to come.

I will be updating this blog with travel stories and photographs and videos as long as there is wi-fi. When there isn’t, they will be uploaded as a set.

Thanks for riding along with me.