We have so many doubts these days. What happened to the idea that we could do anything we put our minds to?

I awoke the next night after making this proclamation of a plan to ride a motorcycle (as yet un-owned) to the wilds of Alaska with a cold fear.

What the hell was I thinking?

I am not spring chicken, and I am still regaining my strength. I may not be back to the place I want to be by next August.

I have no motorcycle, and shopping for one in a price range that makes sense to me was going to take precious time from my other commitments.

I have to take medication and what if I lose my pills?

What if I fall off the bike in the middle of nowhere?

What if I forget to pack something?

What if… what if… what… if?

The amount of doubts that we can let into our brain is amazing.

What if I was hit by a falling part of an age old ICBM?

What if someone changed the road signs in Alaska?

What if a team of terrorists are sneaking into Canada and I happen upon them?

Scenarios that seem totally absurd are suddenly given credence when you are looking for a way out.

I stopped myself about mid morning and told my wife my fears.

Now you have to understand she thinks I am a bit daffy to want to do this, but she is also so very supportive I cannot believe it. She said that yes, all of those things could happen – well, probably not the ICBM thing – and so what?

Stuff happens to people all the time and they get through. I have gotten through after misfortune and folly… and I will get through this.

It is a trip of a lifetime for me. And if I am not careful I will sabotage it with all the imagined screw-ups that will probably never happen.

Did I mention there were bears along the route? I didn’t? There are.

The truth of the matter is that I have decided to go for this thing no matter what. I may not be able to afford the motorcycle I wanted, but there are plenty of used bikes out there and I can get one and fix it up for the trip.

I will have to keep my clients aware that I will be off the grid completely for about 5 weeks next summer, but then hey… I am not a shrink. They can wait.

As I said before, this site is to keep me focused on the goal which is to ride out of here on August 1, 2016 heading for Fairbanks, Alaska and then come home. I have the route up planned, but having some conundrum about the route back. But more on that later.

I just watched three videos in a row about packing for a long motorcycle trip. I can do that. I know I can.

See you next time…